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No time for exercise? You'll have no time in the future

Often I heard the common reason some people do not make it a priority to exercise is "no time". Those finding it hard to find the time or right time to exercise often cited commitments to family, career, lack of funds, or simply feel it does not apply to them, taking too much time.

Engaging in physical exercise need not take up much time. It only takes a few minutes to do just simple exercises at different times of the day without having to be at the gym, something which can be done at home or just the good outdoors.

When we do not set aside time to exercise, we are depriving our bodies of the much-needed conditioning that is crucial as we age. It is well-known fact that as we age, for every decade that has passed, our body physiology changes. Changes that happen can be weakened muscles and joints, and hormonal, which may lead to common diseases such as osteoporosis, Parkinson's' disease, dementia, and heart diseases as we age. When we see our loved ones in their golden years, suffering from any of these effects, we feel sorry for them. But do we start to think if this will happen to us in our old age when we don't exercise?

One thing all of us must know is that we can't stop ageing. But through exercise and a proper diet regime, we can slow down or prevent some of the dreaded effects that come with ageing.

Setting aside bouts of time to do exercise would be good enough. 5 to 10 minutes a day of exercise at different times of the day can make a good difference to those who don't. We do not necessarily have gym memberships to workout at the gym, simply doing exercises at home, does not take up much space and saves time. A simple push-up exercise, squats or kettlebell swing would do the trick.

Exercising and eating well are habits that we should not wait till we retire to have the time doing it. It may be too late. Setting aside time, and prioritizing exercise is key to a good quality of life in our lifetime. We will feel better, being able to cope with life's stresses and uncertainties.

As the saying goes: We can age gracefully, that comes with exercising and good nutrition during our lifetime. Let's find time to do that and we'll reap the benefits in our golden years.

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